Bosses who rule by fear annihilate talent

You only have to look at the recent fall and rise of Manchester United to realise that bosses who constantly criticise mistakes, blame others for underperformance and shift responsibility are destroying the talent that they have at their disposal.

When employees are fearful, they fail to see the bigger picture. They obsess on the minutiae of detail. They adopt a tunnel vision approach. And, as a direct consequence of this all-pervading fear, their creativity and imagination are stifled. They begin to doubt themselves and they start to make mistakes. The toxic culture germinates across the firm and, before you know it, the fright flight emotion kicks in. Your employees soon lose the joy of job satisfaction, begin to stall and start to look elsewhere for unconditional acceptance and positive motivation.

So what are you waiting for bosses? Take a leaf out of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s manual. Sprinkle some of your magic dust. Create self-belief and a spirit of togetherness – and you’ll never look back…