In pursuit of greatness

When we met with Peter Scott, former managing partner of Eversheds, he explained why complacency kills. Firms cannot sit back and rely on past glories. If they do, they will soon be replaced by firms who are continually adapting, modifying and refining their brand to keep one step ahead of the competition.

‘In pursuit of greatness’ is the message of the Wimbledon video campaign 2016. As Wimbledon fortnight begins today, so too will the list begin. The list of all the things that the LTA can do better next time, so that they never accept second best. Their belief is that the moment you are satisfied and you think that you can’t improve, then that’s the beginning of the end.

The LTA has a huge responsibility to stay true to the ideal of delivering top class tennis in an English country garden, whilst responding to spectator appetite for wide ranging stats and precise data on player performance. The action shots are captured by 110 miles of hidden television cable which feed cameras that capture 50 frames a second to delight their global audience of 1 billion. They demand the best from everyone on the team; from the groundsmen who are responsible for every blade of grass to the ball boys and girls who operate like a military machine. Complacent? Never! Their reputation for being the best tournament in the world is just too important.