My five a day. What are yours?

Your New Year’s Resolution was to eat more healthily. Right? You’ve already consumed more than your fair share of celery, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get past 3pm without reaching for a biscuit or two!

That glorious sugar rush lasts for a moment but very quickly causes you to crash and burn. So, I have some healthy snack suggestions which might just help…

1. Almonds

My first offering is almonds. Almonds support healthy brain function, maintain skin health and are high in Vitamin E so can protect you against Alzheimer’s and UV light damage. A pretty impressive list of benefits right?

2. Popcorn

Not keen? Then why not try healthy low fat popcorn instead? It’s available everywhere and so there’s no excuse! Not only is it tasty but it’s loaded with polyphenols (aka compounds that are found in fruit and veg) which act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Apple and peanut butter 

Why not stash a pack of apples and a jar of natural peanut butter in your desk drawer? It’s the trendy snack which gives you a delicious dose of protein and fibre, helping you to feel full until dinnertime.

4. Hummus 

Alternatively, you might prefer raw vegetables and hummus. The magic ingredient in hummus is garlic which contains flavonoids, selenium and sulphur-all of which help to lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of cancer.

5. Porridge 

My favourite snack is instant porridge. Whole oats are gluten free and can boost bone mineral density, lower blood pressure and promote healthy gut bacteria. Buy a pot (make sure it has no added sugar!), add hot water, and Bob’s your uncle!

So, next time you reach for the cake tin, maybe try one of my 5 a day instead!