Why should Eddie Jones be on the board of every ambitious firm who wants to move up the rankings?

The answer is deceptively simple. Eddie knows that if you want to create a winning mentality, you have to challenge the status quo and ensure that everyone on the team buys unquestioningly into the mission.  He also knows that if you want to move up the rankings, you have to rattle a few cages, make a few difficult decisions and motivate every individual to give every ounce of their energy and talent.

No one is indispensable, so if you are Chris Robshaw you will be removed from your role as captain, but that decision will make you so hungry that you will win the man of the match award to prove your worth. If you are Luther Burrell, you will be replaced 28 minutes into the game because your performance is not up to par, even though you were in the starting line-up-and if you are a bulldozer or steam roller, you will be replaced by someone like George Ford, a creative playmaker.

Eddie is uncompromising, single minded and tough and as a result, England are fitter faster and fiercer than they have ever been. He expects to win every game and for him failure is not an option. He is a master tactician and he pays great attention to the smallest detail. He changes the team composition to keep those relegated to the bench motivated and ambitious, but he never crushes an individual’s spirit as without that spirit the team is nothing.

Above all, he knows that by keeping his players happy, his fans will keep on singing. Similarly, the best business leaders know that if they look after their people, they, in turn, will be determined of purpose and will deliver heroic client service.