Arrogance is your biggest enemy (in rugby and in business!)

The English rugby union team were clear underdogs in the series against Australia in June 2016 as they had never before won a series against any of the big 3 Southern Hemisphere sides. And yet Eddie Jones, the new coach, had declared, ahead of the first game, that it would be a failure if the English did not win.  How ironic, now that England have two wins under their belt, to view the Fox Sports promotional video featuring former Wallaby greats launching a scathing attack on England’s chances. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch!)

Arrogance clearly diminishes wisdom and the Aussies have been forced to eat a large slice of humble pie, following the truly heroic defence, remarkable discipline and well worked strategy exhibited by their opponents.

All of this just goes to prove what happens when there is arrogance without substance. Hard work, determination and unflinching belief, will win over big egos who dismiss their rivals. Just remember competition can come from anywhere and they can storm to victory if you don’t do enough to stay on top. Consistently reminding yourself that you are bigger/better/more successful than someone else may just be your downfall if you take the eye off the ball. Today’s underdog might just be tomorrow’s champion.

England have now moved from 8th to 2nd place in the world rankings, and Australian pride has been damaged and their egos hurt. Perhaps the arrogant Fox promo should feature in every English training session from now on!