‘Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.’ CS Lewis

Business leaders must be bold, optimistic and fearless. However, if they are to win the hearts and minds of their employees completely, perhaps an even more important quality is that of humility.

Those who demonstrate hubristic pride are very likely to alienate the very workforce that they are trying to motivate, as no one likes an egotistical narcissist, do they.

It will be obvious if your rise to the top job is based on talent, charisma and hard work. How much better would it be if you were to share the traps, stumbles and false dawns that you have encountered on your way to the top of that ladder of success?

Free and frank exchanges about your failures can promote open and honest communication, bolster team spirit and encourage collaborative discussion. Fear of failure will no longer be a toxic issue that keeps your teams awake at night. Motivation will improve as employees learn how to avoid or survive the tricky challenges that you have faced. Furthermore, their regard for you will grow, as they will begin to realise that you are not superhuman after all!