Reinventing the brand – why change must be a deliberate choice – rather than one forced upon you.

Why did bosses at Land Rover, a well-loved institution, known worldwide for luxury and premium quality, think that a rebrand was necessary earlier this year? They knew that they had to evolve and to modernize, but they wanted to retain their loyal customer base who cherish their classic car range. Jaguar Land Rover Classic celebrates their heritage and glorious past but also looks to new horizons and opportunities. They now offer their customers a unique extended after care service which includes a catalogue of 30,000 classic car parts, which have not been manufactured for decades. Furthermore, they can also now repair and restore their classic cars at sites in the UK.

Brands can no longer follow the traditional model as the rules of the game have changed. If they are to react quickly to the competition and the ever changing face of the market, brands must be active rather than reactive, outward facing rather than inward looking and agile rather than inflexible. Brands must be positive and robust so that they can redefine themselves and grab new opportunities quickly.

Remember that brand promise is so much more vital than a logo or a set of abstract principles. Take advantage of any gap you see in the market, develop a story and create a memorable identity.